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Drop shipping
Drop shipping service for foreign trade
Our DIGOEXPRESS (digoexpress Logistics Company)aims to provide a complete set of logistics services in view of the customers that need the drop shipping service. Users can purchase products directly from your suppliers to deliver goods to DIGOEXPRESS (digoexpress Logistics Company ) processing center, after we receive the parcels we will handle them immediately according to customers´ requests.。
Business Pattern
1.Taobao and other E-business platform to purchase
2.Send the packages to our DIGOEXPRESS directly
3.DIGOEXPRESS handle the packages according to the request
4.DIGOEXPRESS Send packages to the consignee


Service Advantages
Cost saving: Products directly from the suppliers to DIGOEXPRESS (digoexpress Logistics Company), to save money from customers to our DIGOEXPRESS shipping fee.
To speed up the delivery time: there is no need to turnover parcels for many times, save delivery time.
Save energy: packages handled by our DIGOEXPRESS ,customers can concentrate on developing the market, increase sales rating.

Service included
Product quality inspection, packages split, parcel repacking, paste labels and take photos.

Service process
1.Need to be DIGOEXPRESS have an account to be the membership of DIGOEXPRESS
2.Create the shipping orders , select the drop shipping service, fill domestic express form, when fill in the courier tracking number please do not leave any spaces or fill in any other information, leave a note to fill in the item information to facilitate our processing of your parcels.

If multiple domestic packages need to combines to be an international parcel;
For international packages need to be filled in the domestics packages information need to be combined
For example : Domestics Yunda shipping company package 998888 and YTO shipping company package 88877777 need to be combined one package to ship out ,then need to fill the 2 packages´ information.

If a domestic package need to be split into multiple international parcel
Each international parcel order should fill in the packages need to be splited domestic tracking numbers
Each international parcel order should fill in the packages need to be splited domestic tracking numbers

*Please do not leave any space when you tpye the domestics tracking numbers。

3.We will handle the packages according to the customers´ request after we received them

Address: 3rd Floor, Building D,minle Industrial Park meiban road longhua new district shenzhen
Receiver :DIGOEXPRESS (Shenzhen digoexpress Logistis Company) Roman

Phone : 0755-29469360

Service charge
An order is contained in a domestic express parcel service charge will be 4RMB
Every increase a domestic package the service charge will be added 2RMB .
For an order each of more than 10 kg of the total weight ,will be overcharged another 10 yuan.
For example : 1 shipping order needs two domestic packages combined, package weight is no more than 10 kg, the total weight is 6RMB

Extra service ( can be selected if you need )
Products inspection , 1RMB for one product (Only responsible for product damage and naked eye examination)
Products taking photos, 2RMB for each product ( 2 photos )

Customer Case
Mr Zhang live in USA,running the E--business Aliexpress and ebay has been more than one year time, the way he is using is that when get orders online then go to taobao platform to purchase, After purchasing he does the packing again then send to the international logistcis shipping company . After Mr Zhang use our DIGOEXPRESS drop shipping services of foreign trade, he purchased products directly send to DIGOEXPRESS ( digoexpress Logistics Company), the packages handled by our DIGOEXPRESS process center , then ship to be abroad , the logistics cost of each order to save an average of 10RMB , because his products directly send to our DIGOEXPRESS ( digoexpress Logistics Company) , save the turnover time, parcels´ delivery time sped up the 3 days than ever before.